IT-102 Notes- Sir Muhammad Bilal -Fundamental of IS – Edition 1

Objective of Course:

The main objective of this course is: To introduce the students with the wide scope of Information Systems, to give a complete understanding about information systems in terms of organization,      transmission, storage, retrieval and presentation of information as well as to make them explore the computer based technologies for that purpose.To present the various sort of roles of Information System Professionals.To show the value of discipline as an attractive field of specialization.  


Introduction to course, discussion on the benefits of course and its contents.

Data , Information, Knowledge , Value of Information , Characteristics of Valuable Information

Information System , Input , Processing , Output , Feedback, Manual and Computerized IS, Components of CBIS

Database Management Systems(DBMS):

Data Management Data Entities, Attributes and keys (Primary Key, Foreign Key, Candidate Key etc.)

Traditional File Based Systems , File Based Approach ,

Limitations of File Based Approach Introduction to Database Approach

Review of Database Approach

Comparison of Traditional File Based Approach & Database Approach

Overview of Types of Database Component of DBMS Environment

Data Modeling. (Planned Data Redundancy ,Data Modeling) Database Models

RDBMS: Providing a User View, Creating and modifying the Database, Storing and Retrieving Data , Manipulating Data & Generating Reports

Introduction to Database Administration Popular Database Management Systems

Database Applications

Data ware Housing Data Marts and Data Mining

MIS: Management Information System

Introduction to MIS,  Inputs & Outputs of MIS Types of MIS

Overview of MIS

Functional Expects of MIS MIS Applications, Advantages & need of MIS

TPS: Transaction Processing System

Characteristics of TPS

Types of TPS: Batch Processing  & Real time Processing

Applications of TPS

DSS: Decision Support System

Information & Decision Support System

How Decision Making relates to Problem Solving Programmed Vs Non- Programmed Decisions

Overview of Decision Support System GSS: Group Decision Support Systems, Alternatives

ESS: Executive Support System Characteristics, The Layers of Executive Decision Making, Executive Support Systems (ESS) in Perspective, Capabilities of an ESS

ES: Expert System ( Overview)

Characteristics of Expert System

Expert System Development Components of Expert Systems

E- commerce:

Introduction to E-commerce

E-business overview

Difference between E-commerce & E-business Unique Features of E-commerce Technology, Types of E-commerce

Overview of E-commerce

Growth of Internet & Web

E-commerce Business Models & Concepts:

Elements of a Business Model Models in E-commerce(B2B, B2C, C2C, P2P)

Business Models in other Emerging E-commerce areas

How the Internet & Web changes Business, Strategy , Structure & Process E-commerce Applications

Web Payment Systems:

Payment Systems

Credit – card E-commerce Transactions

E-commerce Digital Payment  in the B2C arena Electronic Billing & Presentment Systems

Security Issues & Threats:

The E-commerce Security environment

Threats & it’s types

Technology Solutions Protecting Internet(Network) based Communication

Computer Networks and Network Topologies:

Introduction to Networks

Types of Networks(Wired & Wireless)

Types of Networks( LAN, WAN , MAN, PAN)

Introduction To Topologies Types of Topologies(Bus, Ring ,Star, Mesh & Tree)

Transmission Media, types of transmission media(Wired & Wireless)

Internetworking Devices: Hubs, Repeaters , Bridges, Gateway, Switches & Routers

Demo & Exploration of Information System

  1. UOG Information System (UOGIS)
  2. ATM (or any other Information System related to Degree Program)
  3. Complete overview of the course

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